Jesus Ya Viene (Jesus Is Coming) - CD

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Lisbeth Melgar, Launches her new musical album Jesús Ya Coming, with a different style but without removing the central message of her praises to the one who deserves all honor and glory to Christ Jesus. This production highlights Lisbeth's vocal talent, and also the musical arrangements show maturity and professionalism. Lisbeth invites you to listen to 12 songs of which ten are unpublished with original arrangements.


Jesus Ya Viene

  1. Jesus Ya Viene  speaker24
  2. Eres Dios  speaker24
  3. A quien ir  speaker24
  4. Si tú estás conmigo  speaker24
  5. Generación Poderosa  speaker24
  6. Hijo de Un Rey  speaker24
  7. Océanos/Donde mis pies pueden fallarspeaker24
  8. Tu Pueblospeaker24
  9. Hoy me entrego  speaker24
  10. Ven a Jesússpeaker24
  11. El Deseadospeaker24
  12. Tengo Fespeaker24
  13. Be Still My Soul (Bonus Track)speaker24
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