Surrender Adoration (Rendirte Adoración) - CD

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More than a musical style, the worship of God is a lifestyle. It is for this reason that the new singer Lisbeth Melgar launches her new musical proposal, entitled "Rendirte Adoración".Under a fresh musical instrumentation and the sublime voice that characterizes him, Lisbeth invites us to unite with one voice to praise the creator and savior of the universe and pay our best adoration to the one who has a name above every name. JESUS.

Rendirte Adoración

  1. Mi Esperanza  speaker
  2. Tu Corazon speaker
  3. Jesus speaker
  4. Te Necesito Ft Lenny Salcedo speaker
  5. Hija de Un Ray speaker
  6. Al nuevo Hogar speaker
  7. Historia de un Preso speaker
  8. Rendirte Adoracion speaker
  9. El Santuario speaker
  10. Tiempo de Amar speaker
  11. Desde Hoy speaker
  12. Acercame speaker
  13. El amor de Dios Permanecera speaker
  14. Esperando Estoy por Ti speaker
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